“圣果”+鸡尾酒? HG\x26#39;s Fancy Fruits for an All-natural Summer Picnic

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If you want to give your summer picnic—or workday lunch—an extra-special touch of class, you’ll love the fancy fruits we’ve added to Hunter Gatherer’s shelves. 

除了符合零农残、有机栽培等 HG的选品标配外,他们还自带贵族气质。想象用黄瓤西瓜做一杯优雅的玛格丽特鸡尾酒,这感觉妙不可言!

For August’s Picks of the Month, we’re spotlighting juicy figs and golden watermelons grown with all-natural, pesticide-free farming methods. Sweet, luxurious, and colorful, these fruits can be enjoyed in a surprising variety of ways, including a refreshing margarita that we’ll show you how to make below.


Figs: Fruit of the Gods


From Greek mythology to Christianity, figs have been thought of as a food of the gods.


The sacred fig is also botanically interesting: the “fruit” is actually an inverted flower, which means the tiny, crunchy seeds inside the fig are actually hundreds of unopened blooms.


How HG’s Figs are Grown


Hunter Gatherer sources fresh figs from Shanghai Rose farms, which has two farms within city limits. All-natural growing methods nurture the fruit’s natural goodness, including its high level of minerals, antioxidants, prebiotics, and dietary fiber. High-fiber foods like figs are particularly good for those watching their weight since they help you feel fuller for longer.

At HG, Back to Cali is a community favorite. From smashed avo to bright, crisp apples, its a true feel good bowl. But did you know that our chefs originally designed it to pair with figs? Weve been waiting eagerly for figs to be back in season and that time has finally arrived. So look out for figs in your Back to Cali bowl soon!


Golden Watermelon 


The king of summer fruits is undoubtedly the watermelon. But red-fleshed watermelons aren’t the only type available. We’ve picked out special golden watermelons with bright yellow flesh that’s just as crisp and refreshing as its more popular counterpart.


The Story of Yellow Watermelon


The juicy watermelon is thought to have originated from an unlikely source: the Kalahari Desert of Africa. The earliest evidence of its cultivation dates back to Ancient Egypt but watermelon are now cultivated worldwide, with China holding the title as the world’s single largest watermelon producer.


There are over a thousand cultivars of watermelon with a variety of flesh colors from red and pink to orange, yellow, and white. Golden watermelon, which also originated in Africa, has an identical thirst-quenching taste to its red-fleshed counterpart and looks no different from the outside. 

Grown on Shanghai Minhang’s Deyu Farm, the golden watermelon are cultivated with pesticide-free and hormone-free methods using organic fertilizers. This sweet-tasting cultivar is small and delicate, reaching a size of about 1.5 to 2 kilograms.


Golden Watermelon Margarita



Wow your guests with a beautiful and refreshing Golden Watermelon Margarita. You can even take out the alcohol for a kid-friendly version—just don’t forget the salt!


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